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CoD Ghosts: AK-12 Powerhouse Class Setup

One of the most powerful weapons available in Call of Duty: Ghosts is the AK-12 assault rifle. This gun is pretty versatile and works well at nearly all ranges. It has a high damage output which allows for quick kills and only a slight amount of recoil making it extremely easy to aim. The AK-12 class setup we show off today is one of our absolute favorites and works great in pretty much any game mode.

Primary Weapon

CoD Ghosts AK-12

This powerhouse loadout is built around the raw strength of the AK-12. It’s one of our most used assault rifles in the game. Many people compare it to the Remington R5 which is fairly similar, but we believe the AK outperforms the Remington in most cases.

Recommended Attachments: Tracker Sight, Foregrip

Tracker Sight

CoD Ghosts Tracker Sight

Much like the Thermal Hybrid Scope, a lot of players complain about people that use the tracker sight on their weapons. Unlike the Target Finder from Black Ops 2 the tracker isn’t overpowered, though. Sure, it makes it a bit easier to see enemies but it doesn’t see through walls or detect enemies around corners. When used properly, its really just meant to make it easier to keep eyes on moving enemies that you’ve already spotted with your bare eyes.


CoD Ghosts Foregrip

A lot of previous Call of Duty titles have featured this attachment and it appeared to have little to no effect on a weapon. In Ghosts, however, it does work to stabilize guns a bit which increases your overall accuracy with the weapon. This works well to further reduce the muzzle climb and recoil found on the AK-12.

Recommended Perks

As with all other CoD Ghosts class setups, perks play a major role in our AK-12 Powerhouse loadout. For this class we use perks from a variety of categories. These include:

  • Ready Up
  • Sleight of Hand
  • On the Go
  • ICU
  • Focus
  • Fully Loaded

Ready Up

CoD Ghosts Ready Up

Ready Up is one of our favorite perks. It allows you to pick up your weapon to ADS from sprint a bit quicker which is extremely important, especially when you run into close range engagements. You need to be able to ready your weapon as quickly as possible to ensure you can defend yourself. This is most important when you face opponents in close quarters combat that are using SMGs which naturally lift quicker.

Sleight of Hand

CoD Ghosts Sleight of Hand

Running out of ammo in the middle of a gunfight or right when you’re running into enemies sucks. And the reload time on most weapons is simply too slow. To make sure you’re always prepared you’ll want to be able to reload faster than normal and that’s exactly the advantage Sleight of Hand gives you.

On the Go

CoD Ghosts On the Go Perk

On the Go is a very unique perk and can be extremely useful. If you take a few hits, need to reload, and have time to run around a corner or through a building to protect yourself, this perk will give you the ability to reload your weapon while you’re sprinting to those locations.


CoD Ghosts ICU Perk

ICU is a highly underused perk in Call of Duty: Ghosts. While it doesn’t give you superhuman regenerating powers it does allow you to recover quicker. This is pretty important on smaller maps or maps where most of the action occurs in tight, contained spaces. You may take damage during firefights and leave yourself more vulnerable to death quickly afterward. This perk helps to speed up your recovery time a bit to counter this a tad.


CoD Ghosts Focus

Focus is a must-have perk for any of the assault rifles or light machine guns found in Ghosts. It reduces the sway of your weapon and also downgrades the amount of flinch (slight kick) that you experience when you get hit with shots while aiming down your sights (ADS).

Fully Loaded

CoD Ghosts Fully Loaded Perk

If you’re a player that can keep high killstreaks rolling or you tend to take shots at long range enemies rather often Fully Loaded is a necessity. This perk makes it so that you start off with your weapons maximum ammo capacity. A lot of people tend to use Scavenger but we believe Fully Loaded has a slight advantage as it doesn’t require you to run out into potentially dangerous territory to pick up ammo and then reload. Instead you have it equipped already.

NOTES: Because of the amount of slots taken by perks I do not use a secondary weapon or tactical grenade with this class. If you’d prefer to have a secondary or tactical I would suggest dropping Fully Loaded or On the Go as they are the least important perks for this AK-12 class setup.

Strike Package

This one is really up to you. As it is a powerhouse class you could definitely roll a set of assault killstreaks. Personally, I’m in love with the support streaks. With this class I tend to use Ammo Crate, Night Owl, and Oracle. This makes sure that I never run out of ammo, I can take a secondary if I want, and I get eyes on enemies.

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